36VS Braiding Machine -

36VS Braiding Machine

Product Highlights

We'd like to introduce our new Karg 36VS High Speed braiding machine!

  • Maximum 80 RPM... an increase of 25% from 36V model
  • Compact design uses less floor space than the horizontal braiders
  • Easy access to the braiding deck for re-spooling & maintenance
  • Less parts, no line shaft or change gears
  • Speed & pitch can be changed within seconds on the Touch Screen
  • Single End Breakage Detector
  • Up to 65.25 cubic inches volume yarn packages or bobbins
  • Oil containment improved to reduce / eliminate oil spills on the work floor
  • Easily change the timing of the braider with our adjustable cam plate
  • Movable pendent station with 270 degree radius gives the operator control of the braider from the front or back
  • Robust components, designed & built for years of trouble free service